Saturday, March 13, 2010

Shadow and Light

"Shadow and Light"
Courtesy of Timothy Schildknecht - Visual Artistry and Magic.

Copyright Starfire Media Productions 2009 - all rights reserved.

Photography being a visual medium; where differences in shadow and light are observed, controlled, manipulated, and captured; creates marvelous opportunity for photographer to become artist, historian, or storyteller.

Vision is one of five physical senses that have immediate power to influence the perceptions and conclusions of the mind, or inspire and depress the emotions of the heart.

Our mind wants to make sense of our world, and uses light to interpret it's environment.

Our heart wants to make sense of "itself" and uses shadow as the place to interpret it's own breadth, and depth.

Because of the magic of shadow and light, our eyes can tie us to both logic, and imagination at exactly the same time, and manifest that the mind and heart are inexplicably connected, making us both finite and human, and infinite and immortal.

Think about this the next time you really... REALLY, observe a live scene (current shadow and light) or, contemplate the meaning of a story told in a photograph (captured shadow and light).

Sometimes the mind will have dominant run of an interpretation, at others times, the heart will rule. Either way, there's always been and always will be an unseen connection between the two.

Contemplate this the next time you look into the eyes staring back at you in your bathroom mirror (light), or observe a pair of eyes staring back at you from the darkness of the wood (shadow). You will find these two images take you to very different places within yourself.

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