Wednesday, May 5, 2010

RULES... HUH!!!, What Are They Good Foor? Absolutely Nothing.

Wishcast Wednesday for May 5, 2010.

What Rules Do You Wish to Make or Break?

Rules – Rules – Rules – Rules – RULES… and more rules.

That’s all we ever hear about, complain about, and experience.

If a rule blocks our way to self-expression, self-gratification, self-promotion, or any other items needed in our self-realization or self-preservation, we label it a nuisance, and feel frustrated and angry over it.

However… if a rule protects us, our rights, privileges, and dignities, we welcome it with wide-open arms, and praise it as virtuous and noble.

These represent two ends of a proverbial spectrum, with the remaining 98%* of rules, regulations, and red tape, creating a great gray fog that seems illogical, and pointless to even navigate.

(* This number may vary depending on which side of the bi-polar pendulum I am swinging from).


We live in a society that has proven time and again to be selfish, protectionist, greedy, politically correct, and power hungry. Rules supporting these attitudes are used as tools to create and sustain these ugly and oppressive conditions.

Remember the last time you had to be placed on hold at some call center (located in India, or some other place where the person answering the phone has listed English is their second language), to argue a problem over fees on your bank statement, charge card, medical bill, or tax assessment. What did they say when they finally reconnected? It probably went something like this… “I’m sorry, but corporate/government policy clearly states that… dah, dah, dah, dah, dah. and our… blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, has to… this that and the other, so you must do… this, this, this, this, and this, to avoid… that, that, that, that, and that. Thank you for calling (insert name here). I hope you have a nice day”.

Sounds like fodder to keep the shareholders fat and happy. Picture them all lined up at the same trough?

I wish to take a moment to apologize to my blog readers, for my negative approach to this blog subject. It is not a ZEN day for me, and so today’s entry is my… therapy. It's what I utilize to keep off of pharmaceuticals. LOL.

If I take a moment now to come back to rational and unemotional thinking, truth dictates that some rules and regulations are needed and necessary in… maintaining public health and safety, protecting personal and property rights, defining acceptable societal boundaries, and drawing the line between lawful and unlawful conduct.

Generally, I have no problems with these rules, so long as fairness, and… good, solid, and sound, judgment is applied. Balance coupled with common sense, properly applied, is the only rule to be considered while “making all other rules”, and will in the end place everyone on equal footing, and introduce fairness and justice for all.

My wish for this Wishcast Wednesday is… to only have rules that will support the needs of growth and development in self and others, and dismantle all rules used as tools to control, manipulate, subdue, and restrict, the body and spirit.

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  1. Wow honey.

    As Tim wishes for himself, so do I also wish for him, with all my heart.

  2. You go!

    As Tim wishes for himself , I wish for him also!

  3. As Tim wishes for himself, I wish for him also!
    I love what you wrote..this subject seems to bring out some real passion in folks..I love your passion!! You were right on with the whole post!!! I agree..Wow hon and you go!!!And as for non Zen days... I think we can all relate to those!!
    Namaste, Sarah

    Giggle loved your Mom's comment:)

  4. growth and development for all!
    as tim wishes for himself, i wish for him also.

  5. As Tim wishes for himself, so I wish for him also

  6. As Tim wishes for himself, so do I wish for him also.

  7. I love that rule!

    As Tim wishes for himself, so I wish for him also!

  8. As Tim wishes for himself, so I wish for him also.

  9. As Tim wishes for himself, so I wish for him also. Neat post, lots of energy!

  10. I have a rule I abide by - if a company or corporation has a call centre in another country, I won't use that service. I do this for three reasons - I believe outsourcing destroys jobs in the home country; outsourcing rips off workers in the overseas country; and, thirdly, those that have outsourced call centres offer lousy services and back-up. In Australia, my ISP has a call centre set up in this country with an excellent service - very friendly, polite, helpful staff whose brief I think is: "Be kind to internet dummies". Which helps enormously. My bank's call centre is ditto. So to you Tim,I wish for yourself what you wish also.