Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Things Worth The Investment

“Anything worthy of investment, must be
anchored in faith, and valued above
it's required effort and resources”

"Investing In The Future”

Courtesy of Timothy Schildknecht - Visual Artistry and Magic.
Copyright Starfire Media Productions 2009 - all rights reserved.

Wishcasting Wednesday for April 28, 2010

What do you wish to invest in?

Investment is a wonderful tool where one merges creativity with belief and vision; the resources of time, mental energy, physical effort, and/or money (or the things that money can buy); on objectives that hold greater value and deeper significance than the effort and resources required in achieving them. It’s a trade many consider to be “a sacrifice of ones current conditions and circumstances, for a better more favorable set of conditions and circumstances”.

There are things found in this world that are worthy of investment and... things unworthy. It all depends on where you want to arrive. Some think that the pursuit of money is a worthy investment, while others think an education is. Still others may seek fame or power. None of these goals can be achieved overnight. These investments require a sacrifice of time, effort, and other resources.

My definition of a worthy investment is one where the journey involved takes the participants to a better place and to higher understanding, with the ideal investment leaving something behind that future generations can benefit from. A “Legacy”.

A legacy will always start with “Self” and expand outward from there. This is not meant to be selfish, but is the required foundation for all outward expressions to be built upon.

I have a list of items that I consider worthy of investment, and hold genuine opportunities of building a lasting legacy.

They are…

Self… and the building of ones character, understanding, knowledge, creativity, and other valued physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual assets.

Others… and the support of their own “Self” building experience with the strongest focus being upon children.

Earth… and the easing of our own personal footprint on the planet. Preservation of Earth’s rich and diverse environments, and the wise and responsible use of her offerings.

Universe… and a refined understanding of her mechanisms, and our place and function within her.

I am not looking for a street, building, or park, to be named after me. Nor am I craving notoriety in any other way. What I do want to leave, as my lasting legacy, is inspiration through my creative achievements, and example through my quiet living, which others would value and want to emulate in their own lives.

These are the reasons for which I wish to invest, and in the end create the most lasting and valued legacy of all.


  1. As Timothy wishes for himself, so I wish for him also. A very thoughtful and thought provoking post today - thank you!

  2. As Timothy wishes for himself, so I wish for him also.... (love the sculpture and your well-crafted wish is especially lovely...)

  3. As Timothy wishes for himself, so I wish for him also.
    Powerful post Timothy!! All wonderful choices to invest yourself in!!
    Thank you for popping by my blog!!
    Namaste, Sarah

  4. Beautifully done Dear!

    As my love wishes for himself, so do I also wish for him with all my heart and soul!

  5. As Timoty wishes for himself so I wish for him also.

    Love and hugs Gina xxx